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Tom PatrolAngora was a new group featuring Rose Carlotti of the Heart Throbs. They have released a 7" single with the songs Pretty Nothing and Shattered.

The band changed their name to Tom Patrol. Amelia has left, Rose is still vocals and guitar, Pol is now guitar (was drummer), Steve Beswick - drums, Farzana - keyboards and vocals, Andy - bass guitar.

Tom Patrol has since disbanded. The web site that was set up for them has reappeared! It's currently a version from 1998, but may have special new surprises.

The last I heard, only Steve Beswick was still making music...

The sound bits below give a hint of what wonderful music we are missing.

Tom Patrol

Human Explorer - new mix

Space & Me & You - new mix

Communication Twister


A Heart Throbs / Angora / Tom Patrol Discussion Group is available!

Lyrics and Music Copyright: Rose Carlotti / Tom Patrol

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